Play date or an afternoon at the zoo


Yesterday at the weekly play date, as mothers were talking and sipping tea there was noise, horrible noise, in the background. Screaming and squeaking and “It’s mine”. I smiled and thought I’m glad they are not mine. And then… THEN! I realized it was my daughter who was not sharing, who was screaming at the top of her lungs, who was lying on the floor because she was not getting what she wanted….Yes, it was MY daughter and my smile was gone.

For a 1.5 year old she has a ‘personality’, as we lovingly say, but really there must be something that can be done. So many times I feel my patience and tolerance go to a dangerously low level and I find myself punishing instead of handling matters in a positive way.  I will now resort to reading on the matter.

The Good Behaviour Book (a Dr Sears book)

French Children don’t throw food (Bringing up Bebe)


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