Excuses, excuses

Tara books are by far my favorite in India. This Publishing House does a really good job of bringing traditional folk tales to the public in a very appealing way; at the same time they also manage to put so much focus on graphics – whether it is typeface, or the kind of illustrations or even pop-up or cut-out books. That’s how you get books that you cannot take your eyes off of!

I knew I had to get ‘Excuses, excuses’ because it is about a boy named Neel and once you find a book with your son’s name in it you know you have to get it. But again, we were soooo pleased with it – it is funny, the illustrations are amazing and the story in rhyme just makes you want to read it again and again. It shows a certain side to children’s imagination which I keep wondering if it is promoted enough in India with its strong academic focus. Neel has now decided that he wants to get elephant feet and I am getting out of the drawer his superhero cape!


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