The art of learning

These are solely my views as a mother and not the outcome of some studies or research which I did. I do not have enough knowledge of all education systems in India so I can only write based on what I see, go through and want for my child.

I was recently talking to a mother whose child attends the same school as my older son and she was telling me what a hard time she was having with this particular school. As a child, she had been taught to memorize information and not ask questions; in this school, our kids are being taught to question and learn along the way – the process is actually more important than the end in itself. She questioned whether this was the right way to go.

At another event, I talked to another mother whose child  attends the same school as my younger daughter and she was telling me how happy she was that she managed to find a spot for her daughter in another nursery. One where there was intensive learning ‘the old-fashioned way’ and where the walls were not bright and colorful. And this because eventually the girl would go to a big school where that would be the way to go and so it would be better that she would get adjusted right away.

Sometimes I feel detached from these realities. Above, a picture of rangoli at my in-laws house during Ganpati celebrations that Neel helped ‘create’ – so much fun to learn this way!


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