The Why Why Girl

On Sunday we went to NCPA to watch ‘Kyun kyun Ladki’, a children’s play loosely based on the book of the same name (Tulika publishers, of course) performed by the Gillo Organization. It was an event for us because it was the first play we ever watched in Mumbai and the first one we took the kids to. It was really enjoyable, although a little too long – Núria stayed for half an hour and even though Neel managed to stay through the whole performance, 1:15h really is too much (plus it was in hindi which we really cannot follow). Adults in the audience far outnumbered the kids which I cannot understand either.

The story is a simple one, as was the scenery, costumes and music but maybe that was precisely why it was so appealing. In the same costumes, actors played the roles of kids, adults, animals and ‘things’ such as a mill or a fountain and one never doubted who they were at each moment. There were musicians on the side of the stage playing live music on each scene and making the sounds of things. So enjoyable!

Now, we just have to keep an open eye for future performances.


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