The way back home


We are lucky to have friends who have books that we like and who are happy to lend them. This time we came home with 4 new books!

I am not the biggest fan of Oliver Jeffers, although there is no real reason for this. But “The way back home” really stroke a cord with us – and I was the one hard to convince!

I liked that it goes the way a young boy’s mind works; that one moment you are stuck on the moon and can’t get away because your plane ran out of petrol and the other you decide you can go back home to get whatever tools you need to fix the plane. That one moment there is no light whatsoever but then you remember there is a torch in your pocket. It’s a bit like Mary Poppins bag in that whatever you need can come out.

I liked that there is not much text but there are a lot of images in sequence that are begging for a conversation to be told.