The way back home


We are lucky to have friends who have books that we like and who are happy to lend them. This time we came home with 4 new books!

I am not the biggest fan of Oliver Jeffers, although there is no real reason for this. But “The way back home” really stroke a cord with us – and I was the one hard to convince!

I liked that it goes the way a young boy’s mind works; that one moment you are stuck on the moon and can’t get away because your plane ran out of petrol and the other you decide you can go back home to get whatever tools you need to fix the plane. That one moment there is no light whatsoever but then you remember there is a torch in your pocket. It’s a bit like Mary Poppins bag in that whatever you need can come out.

I liked that there is not much text but there are a lot of images in sequence that are begging for a conversation to be told.


Excuses, excuses

Tara books are by far my favorite in India. This Publishing House does a really good job of bringing traditional folk tales to the public in a very appealing way; at the same time they also manage to put so much focus on graphics – whether it is typeface, or the kind of illustrations or even pop-up or cut-out books. That’s how you get books that you cannot take your eyes off of!

I knew I had to get ‘Excuses, excuses’ because it is about a boy named Neel and once you find a book with your son’s name in it you know you have to get it. But again, we were soooo pleased with it – it is funny, the illustrations are amazing and the story in rhyme just makes you want to read it again and again. It shows a certain side to children’s imagination which I keep wondering if it is promoted enough in India with its strong academic focus. Neel has now decided that he wants to get elephant feet and I am getting out of the drawer his superhero cape!

Play date or an afternoon at the zoo


Yesterday at the weekly play date, as mothers were talking and sipping tea there was noise, horrible noise, in the background. Screaming and squeaking and “It’s mine”. I smiled and thought I’m glad they are not mine. And then… THEN! I realized it was my daughter who was not sharing, who was screaming at the top of her lungs, who was lying on the floor because she was not getting what she wanted….Yes, it was MY daughter and my smile was gone.

For a 1.5 year old she has a ‘personality’, as we lovingly say, but really there must be something that can be done. So many times I feel my patience and tolerance go to a dangerously low level and I find myself punishing instead of handling matters in a positive way.  I will now resort to reading on the matter.

The Good Behaviour Book (a Dr Sears book)

French Children don’t throw food (Bringing up Bebe)